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BLTS is a study abroad agency & education marketing consultancy in Norway promoting language courses as well as professional training and various programmes in a number of countries.



As a consultancy we offer marketing assistance to schools, universities and academies for access to the Norwegian and Scandinavian markets.


BLTS may assist education providers in general for Scandinavian language presentations to be integrated

into their own website for better marketing in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.


Additionally, websites operated by BLTS, mainly, are open to schools and universities for presentations and Norwegian-text adverts with links and photo material.


We offer a range of adverts starting from 150 euro per 12 months - or a full presentation per 6 months.


If this is something that could be of interest - now or in the future - you are welcome to dicuss how we

can assist in promoting your courses and programmes in Norway and Scandinavia.


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